Our approach is an ego free no-nonsense friendly environment with a classical to modern traditions when it comes to our teaching ways. At Martialist United  you will learn the basics of Martial Arts and build a strong foundation for the skills needed to properly progress through the ranking system. Classes at Martialist United focus on Martial Protection & Life Preservation. We also teach the sport aspect of the Martial Arts for individuals looking to compete. Whether you are looking for a way to protect yourself or to stay in shape this is the place to be!




Efrain Rios

I have gone outside the traditions of the Martial Art Systems I have studied, and continued my search for more knowledge to better myself and those around me. My search has led me to meet and study under great masters of different martial sciences.  This experience has helped me developed in such a way that now I am able to appreciate my own style more, see the meaning, and understand what my style has to offer in its forms and martial applications that the past masters spoke about.



85-99 Hazel Street

Paterson, NJ 07503


Tel: (973) -405-3747

Email: martialist101@gmail.com

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