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Tae Kwon Do Lineage – Grand Master Lee Won Kuk – “General Choi Hong Hi” – Grand Master Park Jung Tae – Master Instructor Manuel Quiles – Instructor Efrain Rios (3rd Degree)

Other notable and respected Masters that I have trained with or I am currently training with are;

  • Master Instructor Manuel Quiles – GTF – Global Taekwondo Federation – Chung Do Kwan/Oh Do Kwan Lineage

  • Team Carvalho - Sensei Edson Carvalho – Judo, Brazilian Jujitsu. (Purple Belt -actively Training)

  • Sensei Luis Morales – Goju Ryu-jutsu, Tuidi-Jutsu, Kyusho-Jutsu, RyuKyu Kenpo-Ryu Te

  • Grand Master Chen Xiao Ping – Charles Richardson – Robert Morgan – Yin Style Bagua Zhang (Cao Style).


I have gone outside the traditions of the Martial Art Systems I have studied, and continued my search for more knowledge to better myself and those around me. My search has led me to meet and study under great masters of different martial sciences.  This experience has helped me developed in such a way that now I am able to appreciate my own style more, see the meaning, and understand what my style has to offer in its forms and martial applications that the past masters spoke about. Although I agree, below I posted a brief history of  Tae kwon do. It is by no means %100 precise. Tae kwon do has a very tainted past with different foundations and so called founders. My best advice is to research for yourself and come to your own dedicated conclusion. Book I recommend and believe it has many valid information about the history of Tae kwon do and it’s foundations is; “A Killing Art” The untold history of Tae kwon do by Alex Gillis. The book is a good read for anyone from Karate to Judo, & Kung Fu practitioners.


Foundations of Tae Kwon Do

Taekwon-Do is the result of many diverse,yet similar Martial Art systems coming together under one umbrella in the mid – ’50s. Back in the ’40s and ’50s many kwans (schools) opened , teaching various forms of Karate,Judo and Kung Fu. They refined these techniques to give them a distinct korean flavour and imbued them with their own moral codes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Below are a couple web sites describing the differences in styles, lineages and founders of the 2 Kwans(School).

Chung Do Kwan

Oh Do Kwan

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